When to go: Monteverde, at approximately 1500 meters above sea level, is cooler compared to the low lands of Costa Rica. There are two main seasons in this magical part of the world, the dry season and the rainy season. However, no matter what time of year you are visiting Monteverde, it is best to be prepared for colder nights and chillier windy, misty days. Pelo de Gato (cat's hair) is the local name for the fine mist that characterizes Monteverde, even at the same time the sun is shining, which results in fabulous rainbows. The light mist blows in with the trade winds from the west and is one of the essential ingredients in a cloud forest where many plants are arboreal instead of terrestrial. Such plants depend on a high humidity or mist of precipitation for the nutrients and moisture they carry.
December through April, is officially in its dry season in Monteverde, with February and March being the driest months. Also known as "High Season" this period coincides with many visitors' holiday breaks, so expect it to be more crowded, and prices are somewhat higher. If you plan to go during this period, it would be wise to make reservations a little further in advance.
From May through mid-November, Monteverde is in its wet season, when trees and flowers respond to the rainfall with full, lush blooms. The breathtaking landscape is indescribably verdant with a vast range of flora and fauna. National parks and attractions are considerably less crowded, and hotels offer tremendous savings. Even during the rainy season, days often start off sunny with rain showers in the afternoon and evening. Monteverde's weather can best be described as changeable.