When to go: Located along the country's northwestern coastline, Guanacaste offers miles of exquisite beaches with lush gardens. Costa Rica is a tropical country with distinct dry and wet seasons.
From December through April, the Guanacaste region is hot and dry and coincides with the chill of winter in the United States, Canada and Great Britain and includes major holidays and most school breaks. During this period, the tourism industry operates at full tilt (called High Season) and prices (airfare, hotels) are higher, attractions are more crowded and reservations need to be made in advance.
From May through mid-November, the Guanacaste region is rainy and warm and becomes lush and verdant. During this Green Season, trees and flowers blossom and produce paradisiacal views with a variety of animal and plant species. National parks and attractions are considerably less crowded and hotels offer tremendous savings. Even during the rainy season, days often start off sunny with rain showers in the afternoon and evening.