Aguas Calientes Train Station: Founded in 1901 during the construction of the railroad, Aguas Calientes was initially a railroad camp that went by the name of Maquinachayok. To this day the only ways to reach Aguas Calientes, also known as Machu Picchu Pueblo, are by foot and by train. This small town at the bottom of the valley is the principle access point to the legendary ruins and as such exists primarily to accommodate visitors, providing several hotels and restaurants.
The train station at Aguas Calientes serves as a terminal for two main passenger train companies: Peru Rail and Inca Rail. The difference between the two companies is that Peru Rail operates trains leaving from Poroy and Ollantaytambo Station, while Inca Rail focuses departures from Ollantaytambo Station. A sheltered souvenir market and waiting area are adjacent to the train station.